Holy Trinity CarrickfergusHoly Trinity Carrickfergus

Aims and Belief

To raise people's awareness that:

    First and foremost we are a Christian Church and as such form part of God's worldwide church.

    Secondly, we are Church of Ireland, and we endeavour to live according to our biblically based faith, which is set out in what we call "The 39 Articles of Faith".

    Although God created each of us to obey and serve him, we have turned away from him and try to run our own lives.

    This turning away through disobedience, which is sin, has put us under God's judgement with the certainty of punishment.

    However, God has intervened in this world and has sent Jesus Christ to take the punishment of our sin on himself by dying on the cross.

    By repenting of this disobedience and handing our life to Jesus, God fully accepts us and will one day bring us to heaven.

    It is our desire to put this message across in a way that makes clear its urgency, without embarrassing anyone. We want to help people so that when they leave church each Sunday, they will be able to live out their Christian faith in an ordinary and everyday manner, in an increasingly hostile world.

    We take the Bible seriously and although we admit that some of it is difficult to understand, we still acknowledge it to be the ultimate authority on God's will for us.

    One important task for us therefore, is to work hard and to understand the Bible and then to explain it to others in a clearly understandable manner.

Our Vision

A Bible in your hand

A Saviour in your heart

A Purpose in your life

Church Contacts

Rev Dr Alan McCann

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Church Office

Mr Drew Buchanan MBE
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Mr. Drew Buchanan MBE
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